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  Stock Item Management Detail
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
CaptionTop LabelControlTipNotes
Item NameItem NameItem Name for Stock and PO Items 
Qty(QOH)Qty(QOH)Total Qty In Stock (Quantity on Hand/QOH) 
Qty AvailableQty AvailableStock available less qty due for picking 
Qty On POQty On POQuantity Currently on Purchase Order 
Qty PO DueQty PO DueQuantity Currently on Purchase still to be received Order 
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frm_ItemAdp Form Single Stock Item Detail
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Article Type: ATLAS Application Manual  - ATLAS database support manual - based around individual forms (Help Reference Pages)
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Written by: Jonathan  Spratt (ES) , Estate Systems
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