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  Maintaining, Adding and Withdrawing Contacts and Users
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.Managing Contacts
1.1Contacts Can me managed through ATLAS and can be linked to Projects, Companies and Operations are required.
1.2To Open the Contact Form, Double Click on the Contact Name where it appears in ATLAS, or use the Quick Filters tab on the Main Switchboard
2.Contact Header
2.1Key Information and contact details can be managed here, and used in atlas for reports and automatic emails.
3.Contact Form Tabs
3.1Notes Tab: Click on the notes tab to add a note relating to the contact.
3.3Operation Tab: This cannot be edited, and displays the operations linked to the Contact
3.4Assets Tab: The Assets assigned to the contact can be maintained here, or directly through the Asset List
3.5Roles Tab: Roles can be assigned to categorise the contact. This includes both system and Operation Roles.
3.6Company Tab: How the contact relates to companies is managed here
3.7Project Tab: The Contact can be assigned with roles to specific projects, the drop down options on the Operation trackers can be limited to the applicable contacts.
3.8User Tab: To Add the Contact as a system User, click on the [Edit User Details Button] (This button has been removed on certain versions). Allocate the User the following: 1 - User login 2 - User Password 3 - User Type (Select from the dropdown list) To Withdraw the user, click on the User Withdrawn checkbox. This will withdraw the user only, not the whole contact.
3.9Link Tab: A Handy shortcut to other Modules relating to this contact Within ATLAS
4.1To Make the whole contact inactive, tick the "Contact Withdrawn" checkbox.
4.2Contacts can be Viewd as a List, filtered by Role
4.3See more details of how to Add a contact
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