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  Requesting Design Drawings and Services
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1.Requesting and managing Design (Products)
1.1To request a drawing or other design service such as an ICNIRP certificate or GDC check, locate the site where the design service is required by using either the quick filter on the Main Switchboard or the filter at the top of the Operation Form itself (see below).
1.2The Design Tab displays the existing design work on the site, and enables the user to instruct a new design service request. To request a new service, select the desired option from the purple “Drawing Type” field.
1.3The only fields required for instructing a basic design are the [Drawing Type] and [Priority], which by default is “Medium”. When a site visit / design survey is required in conjunction with the design instruction, the [Visit Rqd] tick box should be selected to indicate a visit is requested.
1.4When instructing design, the temptation to make the [Priority] “Urgent” in order to received drawings more quickly should be resisted and monitored to ensure consistency. A simple [Notes] field enables key instruction details to be recorded and held against the instruction.
1.5Completed design will remain visible on the Main Site Operations form site so that a clear history of the design development is available. When a design issue represents a billing milestone, an invoice request can be automatically generated ready for authorisation and loading into third party accounts software so as to invoice the client.
2.Creating and Managing Design (Product) Definitions
2.1Open the Form on the Following link
2.2[Switcboard]/[Reports]/[Data Admin]/[Design(Product) Definition List (407)]
2.3Navigate to the Bottom and Add the new Record - Ensuring the following Colums are populated:
2.4Name, Short name, Description, Default Billing and Expense (Where Required)
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