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  Using the Design Datasheet to manage and view Design
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1The Design Datasheet can be opened by either clicking the Design Datasheet button on the Operations Design Tab, or direct from the Main Switchboard.
2The Design Datasheet contains many of the fields on the Design Tab plus additional information relating to Site Visits and Surveys. Whilst data updates can be made on the Design Tab of the Operation Form, it is far better to use the purpose built Design Datasheet to issue drawings and manage design.
3Conditional formatting is especially useful to identify new instructions, and to allocate work between internal and external resources when used. Automatic Emails can be created to issue drawings, ensuring data integrity and to provide a clear audit trail. This also enables drawing issues to be managed in a consistent format.
4After the drawing is issued, the drawing [Status] remains “Current” until approval is received from client. After approval, the status will change to “Completed” by default. This design will be removed from the Default View of the Design Datasheet at this point.
5.To instruct design, use the design tab on the operation form
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