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  Main Site Operations Form Overview
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1The Operations form contains links to all the sub processes linked to an instruction. An Instruction may vary from a simple Design Amendment of survey lasting a number of days, to a full upgrade or rollout ADC instruction lasting a number of years. Under certain circumstances, a single operation form can be used to monitor instructions over two or more separate contracts.
2To create an Operation, see the related article
3.To delete an Operation, see the related article
4.Enter the Site Details where known. Site Details including Addresses and Directions may be used on other documents including Purchase Orders so it is important they are populated and accurate. The Map buttons will open the site in a web browser where the internet is available.
5.The Tabs will vary depending on your software license.
6.Notes can be added to operations
CaptionTop LabelControlTipNotes
OpIDOpIDOperation Ref/Name 
Created DateOpCreatedOperation Created Date 
Created ByCreated ByThe User/Operative who created the record Dropdown 
Modified DateOperation_Modified_Date:Record modified date 
Modified ByModified ByThe User/Operative who last modified the record Dropdown 
ProjectProjectOperation Project Dropdown 
ContractContractOperation Contract Dropdown 
Operation OfficeOfficeOffice / Address Related to the Operation Dropdown 
Op StatusOp StatusOperation Status Dropdown 
Op RefOp RefMandatory Field. Operation Reference usually assigned by the client 
Op NameOp NameMandatory. Operation Name usually assigned by client 
Op DescriptionOp DescriptionOptional - Operation Description 
Inst TypeInst TypeType of Instruction / Scope of Work 
GF/RT/SWType1Additional Type of Operation (RT/GF Etc) 
Type2Type2Additional Type of Operation 2 
Type3 Additional Type of Operation 3 
Type4Type4Additional Type of Operation 4 
Type5 Additional Type of Operation 5 
Type6 Additional Type of Operation 6 
RankRankOperation Rank / Order Number 
RegionRegionGeographical Region 
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