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  Adding a New Operations
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.1To add and maintain Operations for use throughout ATLAS.
1.2 If you have a large number of Operation to add, in excess of 10, it may be quicker to use the Bulk Upload Form if available
1.3Before a new Company is inserted, it is important to ensure they do not already exist in ATLAS. Use the Quick filters to ensure they do not exist.
2.Open The New Operation Form
2.1Before a new Operation is inserted, it is important to ensure they do not already exist in ATLAS. Use the Quick filters to ensure they do not exist.
2.2From the Main Switchboard, Click on the Report Tab.
2.3In the Report options, click on the [Create Records] group, then Click on the [Insert Operation] Link or..
2.4Click on the [+] Button on the Switchboard Quick Filter Tab next to the Operation Filter
3.Insert Operation Form
3.1The Fields Required will vary on your system configuration, key and mandatory fields are defined below
3.2Where Required, Select the Address Linked to the Operation using a [Select Address] field. If The Address is not On the List, click the [Add new Address] Button to Complete a New Address
3.9To Insert the Contact Click the [Insert Project] Button. You will be transferred to the Main Project Form
3.10If You Have Another Operation to Add, Select [No] from the Pop Up Message. If you have finished click [Yes] to View the Inserted Operation.
CaptionTop LabelControlTipNotes
Project NameProject NameProject Name Format of XXX/XXX - ABC, An Extension of the Project Ref. 
ContractContractContract Name - This is usually the same as the Project Ref 
Op RefOp RefMandatory Field. Operation Reference usually assigned by the client 
Op NameOp NameMandatory. Operation Name usually assigned by client 
Op DescriptionOp DescriptionOptional - Operation Description 
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