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  Bespoke Reports with Linked Design - Step by Step Process
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
1This Procedure Describes the step by step events relating to linked Design Instructions in a Report
2When a key design milestone is instructed from the Design Tab on the operations form, It triggers an event and assigns that Design Line to the Site.
3To Amend the milestone triggers, click on the Design Tab on the Trading (Preferences) Form. The Default settings are as follows: Des01 - Survey Des02 - PD-1st Issue(1b) Des03 - LD-1st Issue(2) Des04 - DD-1st Issue(2) Des05 - AB-1st Issue(4) Des06 - ICNIRP
4It should not be necessary to amend the Design linked to an operation in most circumstance. If however, the Design has been re-instructed or re-surveyed, it may be necessary to amend the Design linked to the operation. To do this, load the bespoke Report.
5From the relevant dropdown, select the design from the options available. Where no design has been instructed the report will default to TBA.
6If any design stage is not required, change the option the NA. The fields will be greyed through conditional formatting.
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