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  Review Procedure for the Authorisation of New Documents
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.1The following details the procedure and document status prior to 1st issue.
2Document Status
1.2It should be remembered that although the aim would be for a 'right first time' approach to Document Issue, the Quality System should be viewed as an evolving process. Subsequent document up-issues are not only inevitable, but also desirable.
2.1[Not Available] - Document awaiting conversion to client format
2.2[Required?] - The requirement and suitability of the Document is agreed with client Senior Management from a list of proposed Documents. The ownership of the new Documents should be established and the new owners advised by client Management of their responsibilities within this process.
2.3[Withdrawn] - If the document is deemed not required, it will be marked withdrawn and shelved until the Whole Document Review Process is completed. Documents referencing any withdrawn Document will required amending, and reference to the Withdrawn document removed.
2.4[Review (Client)] or [Review (ES)] - The document is reviewed by either client Senior Management or Estate Systems to ensure the scope and document details are broadly tailored to the client's needs.
2.41[Distributed] - The Document is issued by Estate Systems for review to the designated owner. Changes can be made by the owner and tracked ready for up-issue. Changes can be made digitally directly to the documents, or clearly 'red lined', scanned and returned. Guidelines will be issued to ensure this task is as efficient as possible. (See Related Articles)
2.42Liaison over amendments are undertaken by Estate Systems and the client document owner as required by phone and email. The advised SLA would be a maximum of 2 weeks from the initial issue to the final amendments being agreed. On many occasions this process will be much shorter than this and is broadly dependent on the proactive feedback from the client new document owner.
2.5[1st Draft] - The Document amendments have been agreed and is awaiting administration and Preparation for the final management review
2.6[Final Review] Changes are agreed and updates made. It is optional at this stage for the document to forwarded to client Senior Management for review prior to 1st issue.
2.7[New Issue] - The document is issued through agreed deployment method and all staff advised of its availability and scope.
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