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  Guidelines for the pre-issue review of New Documents
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1This Article Details the procedure for updating template documents for a Quality System installation or overhaul supplied by Estate Systems.
2Management will initially allocate the Documents to the new Authors. The Authors will be responsible for reviewing the Documents, communicating the document to other relevant parties within the organisation and passing the amendments back to Estates Systems for review and updating.More
3To locate the Current Document Implementation Register please use the link below. Filter by your name and locate the list of documents that you will be reviewing. Click on the link to open the Document Page.
4Click on the [View Document Button] and save the document to a dedicated folder on your computer. The document is ready for review.
5Text Word Documents - The track changes option will be turned on, so as you edit the documents the changes will appear. Do not turn the track changes option off. Make any necessary amendments. If there are a lot of amendments it can be forwarded to for re-issue so the review process can continue.
6Flow Diagrams: Please print flow diagrams and make amendments clearly, preferably in red. When the amendments are completed, the document should be scanned in at 300dpi or higher and emailed back to The document should be marked either "Ready for Issue" or "Additional Review Required"
7Estate Systems will then send the document for a final review for Authorisation, and the document will be issued and all staff informed.
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