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  Detailed Procedure to Up Issue Documents
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
1Locate the current file on the server, create a copy of the current file with the current issue as the Suffix. I.e. if Document 3_0004 if to be reviewed to issue C from B, the file name would be 3_0004_B. This will an archive of the old issue.
2Open the document and turn off tracked changes [Ctrl][Shift][E]
3Amend the document as required.
4Word Documents - To update the Header Information, go to File Properties. On The Summary Tab update the Title, Subject, Author and Manager (Authoriser). On the Custom Tab, update the Issue Number and Date. Do not edit the header of the document directly. Check Details correspond the to Document Register.
5Remove hyperlink details if they exist, and copy the hyperlink to the Comments field.
6File Preview (& Print) to update fields and review the document.
7Turn the track Changes option back on [Ctrl][Shift][E]
8Save The Document. Copy document to the folder ready for uploading to the Issued location.
9If required, upload the file using appropriate ftp software to the external location.
10Update the Database by adding a new entry on the Issue History Tab. Click the Button to issue and distribute the current details.
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