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  Main Switchboard Reports Tab - User Defined Reports (Multiple Tabs)
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.1Overview the Standard Report Categories within ATLAS. There are various categories of Switchboard Reports, and vary depending on the scope of your installation.
2Report Types
2.1Standard Reports - Reports that are company wide and monitor the performance over all projects.
2.2Operation Reports - A series of bespoke reports developed to specifically identify reporting issues based on clients specification and Project specific targets
2.3Quality Reports - Reports designed specifically for Documents identified and controlled in you Quality Manual. These for a series or Inputs and Outputs, and are specifically subject to standard Quality Control Procedures.
2.4Accounts Reports - Standard P&L and action reports for accounts
2.5Exception Reports - Data Analysis of Potential Data Conflicts
2.6Recent Reports - Based on individual user use
2.7Navigation - Standard system forms and reports
2.8System Admin - System admin reports
2.9Analysis - Global Data Analysis
3.1To run the reports, click on the [Run Report] button against the specific report and description. Some Reports may be editable, but others are used purely for displaying data and transferring datasheets to third party software.
3.2To Add reports, contact estate systems with your specific request.
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