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  Adding and Updating Controlled Document using the Document Control Form
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
1.1To Add a New Document, Click on the Add new record button and complete the Reference, Name, Priority and Category Fields1005040_02.gif
1.3On the Issue History Tab, enter a new line and complete the Issue, Description and Authoring Contacts. The number of pages can be entered if relevant at this stage. When complete, you will be prompted to make this the current issue. Click OK to confirm this is the case.
1.4Click on the Issue Location Tab and select the document format and enter the default location. When complete, you will be prompted to make this the default location. The document should be placed in this location by this stage. Click OK to confirm this is the case. To test the link to the document, click open. If there is an error at this stage, the path and filename should be checked. There is usually only one location for a document issue location. Please note, it is advised that the document locations do not include any spaces or special characters such as & or %.
1.5On the Notes Tab, additional information can be entered if required.
1.6On the Refers to Tab, enter the documents referred to within this document with any additional notes if required. No information needs to be updated on the Refers from tab, this will be updated automatically.
1.7To advise the Author and Authoriser the document has been issued, click on the [Issue and Distribute Current Details] button. This will generate a standard email.
1.8The Document has been added to the document register.
1.2Click on the Save Record Icon to save the Record at this stage.1005054_save.gif
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