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  Techniques used in Access for finding records and using wildcard characters
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
1.1This article identifies method of Data Filtering, including Wildcards in an open set of records.
2.1Click on the field you wish to search on, but do not edit the data. To open the Find Window, do one of the following:
2.21 - Hold the CTRL key down and press F
2.32 - Click on the Binoculars (Find) Icon if available, or1005040_01.gif
2.43 - On the Main menu Options select Edit and Find (This may not be available on all systems)
3.1The Pop Up Window has three main Filter Options, Each Filed is defined as follows:
3.2Find What: Enter the Search Criteria in this box
3.3Look In: You can either look within a specific field, or within all fields. If you wish to search just one filed, select the filed name from the list (it will default to the field that had focus when you began the Find). To search all fields select the form name from the drop down
3.4Match: Options are "Any Part of Filed", "Whole Field" and "Start Of Field"
3.5When you have entered the search criteria required, click Find Next to find the next occurrence of the required Data
4.1Match characters in a specific position. The most flexible wildcard character is the percentage (%). It matches any character or any block of characters in a specific position. For instance, the following statement would return any entry that contains the string access without regard to letter case:
4.11Example: "%Access%" - would return results for "Microsoft Access" and "Access 2003"
4.12Example: "%Access" - would return results for "Microsoft Access"
4.13Example: "Access%" - would return results for"Access 2003"
5These are many more wild card options but the options above will cover most find requirements, for more details see the related links
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