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  Project, Operation and Supplier Document Control and Document Requests
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.1This Form allows control of Company/Operation/Project documents. It allows the monitor of document requests and tracks the expiry date of key documents.
2.1The Document tab of The Company/Operation/Project form allows the administration and document control of PPQ's, and the monitor of insurance details
2.2Document Folder - The Document Folder indicates the folder in which all Documents relating to the Company/Operation/Project are held. The Folder and Be set and opened using the corresponding buttons.
2.3Requesting Documents - Select the Document Type and enter the Reference/Name of the document requested. Enter the Requested Date. This will appear on the relevant Document Review Register.
2.4Linking or Imbedding Documents - Document can be either linked or imbedded. Linked Documents are stored on your file server, and linked from the Database. Imbedded documents are stored within the database. It is recommended you either link all you documents or imbed all you documents, and avoid having a combination of the two.
2.5Linked Documents - Use the button to identify the document path and file relating to the document.
2.6Imbedded Documents - Us the button to locate and insert the document into the database.
2.7Supplier/Company/Operation/Project Review Report - This Shows all documents as a continuous form for review.
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