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  System Overview of ATLAS
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1ATLAS Overview
1.1ATLAS is a project management and resource system for the telecoms industry, based on the core operations - Acquisition, Planning, Design, Construction and Estate Management.
1.2Click more to understand the cost savings, key benefits and to review some case studies of ATLAS
1.3Information on ATLAS can be available on the internet via a standard web browser without any additional software requirements.
1.4All the modules within the system are fully integrated, although modules can be installed separately. A full installation can be achieved by a phased implementation.
2Operation and Instruction Scope
2.1Site instructions are allocated to a project director, manager and controller to reflect an existing company's management structure.
2.2All sub processes can be instructed and monitored by a single operation interface. Management and client key performance indicators or service level agreements can be monitored and reported in real time.
2.3ATLAS allows multiple users to maintain information, ensuring that data is up to date and fully integrated. Systems can be hosted online with remote internet access, or locally hosted on an network server.
2.4ATLAS operates a project and operation structure which enables strong commercial and quality control, including project contract variations. Operation instructions include, but are not limited to:
2.4.1Acquisition - rollout, upgrade, estate management, site provider negotiations and lease reviews. Planning - Town and County Planning including license notifications and appeals. Panoramic and line of site photography
2.4.3Design - all major design stages including site visits, minor and major amendments
2.4.6Quote/Tender - Multiple Tendering and Quotations
2.4.7Construction, Installation and Commissioning - Line of Sight, Installations, De-installations, DNO (REC) Management, Jumpering, Digital Switch Overs and Cutovers.
2.4.8Emergency and scheduled site maintenance
2.4.8Stock Control
3Financial Control
3.1ATLAS controls all operational finances in real time including:
3.2Client sales orders and invoicing
3.3Purchase order expense, purchase invoicing reconciliation, timesheets and general expenses
3.4Client and supplier tendering
3.5Real time profit and loss, order book and revenue forecasts
4Additional Services
4.1Quality & health and safety including internal and external audit management, non conformance control, corrective and preventative action registers
4.2Company, Client and Supplier management with integrated roles, competencies and approvals.
4.3Staff and Contact management with integrated roles and training.
4.4Asset Management
5More Information
5.1For a full demonstration of ATLAS please contact or call 01202 900349 for more information. Alternatively you can see our Frequently asked question (FAQ's)
5.2Our policy Documents are available here
5.3We have a reange of Support Services availlable
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