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  Acquisition & Planning including Panoramics, Line of Sight and Dish Links
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1Acquisition and Planning Overview
1.1The acquisition module enables project management for rollout on new sites and upgrades on existing and third party sites. In addition to planning and site provider negotiations, it controls additional procedures required to achieve efficient and cost effective design and construction.
2Acquisition Scope
2.1A full range of acquisition can be managed through flexible milestones including:
1.2Where specific contract scope does not include acquisition, a project manager can be allocated to instruct any related sub-processes.
2.2.1Panoramic photography and line of sight
2.2.2Initial site survey, drive by, search report submission and nomination
2.2.3Existing lease review, legal instruction through to legal completion
2.2.4Heads of terms (HOTS) and legal access
3Planning Scope
3.1Acquisition managers and project managers can control a variety of planning instructions including:
3.1.1General LPA consultation
3.1.2Specific LPA consultation
3.1.3Town and County Planning
3.1.4Planning appeals
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