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  Design Instructions, Surveys and Site Visits
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1Design Overview
1.1Design drawings can be both instructed and reviewed through the dedicated design module. These instructions can be processed in priority and date order.
2Design Scope
1.2The project manager is advised by ATLAS when drawings are issued and also when they are approved. ATLAS instructions can be either direct to an in-house design department, or to an external design contractor.
2.51Site visits and design surveys
2.1A full range of design services can be managed through flexible milestones including:
2.52.General arrangement planning drawings
2.53.Detailed design drawings for construction and tender
2.54.Post construction as-built drawings
2.55.Major and minor amendments and construction variations
3Requesting and Reviewing Design
3.1To Request a Design Drawing, including Design amendments and Revisions, see related article
3.2Design trackers allows project and design managers to view current work in progress across all the current sites. It also allows conditional formatting on new and overdue instructions to manage resources on specific projects, or across a range of projects.
3.3Design issue output dates can automatically be updated in operation trackers
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