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  Quote/Tender - Multiple Tendering and Quotations Tab
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1.1Tendering - ATLAS can monitor the key stages including initial client tendering, and supplier costs. See the Tender/Quotation List for more details
1.2ALTAS can provide 2 levels of Tendering options:
1.2.1In Line Billing Tendering - In its simplest form 1 Quotation relates to a single line of Billing
1.2.2Multiple Tendering for Clients and Suppliers
2Tender/Construction Types
2.1The commercial tendering module is designed to allow construction costs to be managed for both incoming supplier quotes and for the submission of costs to client for approval. This includes:
2.1.1Supplier tenders - requesting and receiving multiple quotes from subcontractors
2.1.2Purchase orders and contract variations
2.1.3Initial quote - management of the initial quote sent to the client for agreement
2.1.4Final accounts - submitted and agreed costs relating to the final account
3Tender/Construction Scope
3.1A full range of work packages can be managed including:
3.1.1New build and site upgrades
3.1.2Installation and commissioning - line of sight, installations, de-installations, Jumpering, digital switch overs and cutovers
3.1.3Decommissioning - at time of installation or stand alone decommissioning.
3.1.4Rigging, Electrical Work
4.Adding New tender
4.1To Add a new tender select the Bottom row and complete the relevant details
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