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  Financial Project Management Solutions
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1 Financial Control Overview
1.1 ATLAS will track key financial milestones to ensure both expense and income on specific sites are tracked and monitored. Direct links to accounts software, such as Sage or QuickBooks, can be used to ensure accuracy.
2 Income and Revenue
2.1 Billing milestones can be identified at project inception and project/contract specific billing definitions established.
2.2 Operation income can be generated as the work is completed, or created on instruction to create a real time order book.
2.3 ATLAS employs a number of income control methods including:
2.51. Quotation and tendering control
2.55. Client sales order logging
2.56. Client billing and invoice creation
3 Expenses and Costs
3.1 Corresponding expenditure is also closely monitored and tracked. ATLAS ensures all project expenditure is allocated to the current operation, and all relevant expenditure is recharged to a valid client billing revenue.
3.2 The purchase order module ensures orders are only raised on current operations to approved suppliers, with the correct financial approval and authorisation.
3.3 Additional cost controls include:
3.51. Purchase order control and authorisation including recharges to current revenue
3.52. Timesheet management
3.53. Expense management
4 Real Time Financial Control and Reporting More...
4.1 A variety of real time reports are available to monitor operation finances to identify missed billing, or unforeseen and escalating costs.
4.12 Accounts reports include:
4.51. Current order book
4.52. Profit and loss by project and operation
4.53. Forecast revenue and cash flow
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