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1Customer Management and End User Support
1.1Email and telephone help is available free of charge within the first 3 months of an ATLAS installation - this usually irons out the majority of user issues. After this, working hours telephone support is available, in addition to a rapid response hotline for urgent issues.
2Support Documentation
2.1As standard, ATLAS is supplied with a range of support documentation specific to your installation needs. This acts to assist with any difficulties users may have when first introduced to the system and is available both online and locally as html of pdf.
3.1In addition to a range of user support material , Estate Systems offers bespoke training to support any ATLAS installation. On site training is available for core business staff, subcontractors or clients.
4System Health Checks and Technical Support
4.1ATLAS has been tested through user trials and eight years of continual use. If any minor bugs do arise, Estate Systems aims to fix these quickly and with minimum disruption to the smooth running of a company by accessing systems remotely.
5On-going Bespoke Development
5.1In a changing world, the need for on-going development is inevitable. Estate Systems therefore provides the opportunity for developmental changes to be implemented in line with a company's specific needs. A fully planned and appropriately priced upgrade programme for client or industry is therefore available if required. Mainstream minor developments are usually free of charge.
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