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  Processing Timesheet Data
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1Timesheet Overview
1Details of Timesheet Flow
1.1Timesheets can be processed directly into ATLAS and submitted for authorisation.
2Opening The Timesheet Form
2.1If your login does not take you directly to the timesheet module, select "Timesheet Input from The Accounts tab on the main switchboard.
2.2Click on "View Current Timesheet"
2.3If you have timesheet data already entered and not submitted, you will se the existing lines.
3Adding Timesheet Data - Site Work
3.1Select the Project to which you are allocating the time from the dropdown list. All Timesheets must relate to a current project
3.2Select the operation from the drop down list
3.3Select the Item Name from the Drop Down list
3.4Make any notes that will assist in the Description field.
3.5If you had an overnight stay, select the Overnight stay tick box
3.6If the job is completed, tick the "Job Complete" tick box
3.7Hourly Timesheets - If you are allocating hours to the job, enter the number of hours.
3.8Daily Timesheets - If you are allocating Days to the job, enter the amount of day allocated. For example, if the day needs allocating over 2 jobs, there would be 2 lines at 50%. If the day needs allocating over 3 jobs, the quantity would be 33% and so on.
3.9Recharge - Select the line of Billing that the work relates to from the list. If there is no billing in the list that is applicable. If there Is no applicable billing, select "No Billing to Recharge"
4Overhead and Holiday
4.1For Overhead and yard work, select the Stock overhead operation which is usually the first operation in the Drop Down option.
4.1For time that does not relate to a specific Job, select the "Overhead Operation". This is the first operation from the drop down list
4.2Select the Item Name from the Drop Down list
5Submitting the Timesheet
5.1When the timesheet is complete, Click on the [Submit Timesheet Button] for authorisation.
5.2The system can be closed down if you have not completed the timesheets by Clicking [Close Without Submitting] The data entered will be available next time the form is loaded.
12.1To enable a contact to process timesheets, locate their recording in the Company Form and on the Roles Tab Select "Timesheet" and define the type of timesheets from the drop down lists
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1Details of Timesheet Flow
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