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  Administering and Processing Timesheet Data
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1Assigning Permissions
1Administration Details at the base of the flow
1.1To assign permissions to enable timesheet administration, Add the Role to The Contact "Timesheet_Admin" and Assign the Permission "Writer"
1.3In The Description Box Enter the Rate for the Contact, for example if the Permission is "Timesheet Days" then the rate would be the daily rate, if the Permission is "Timesheet Hours", the rate would be the Hourly Rate. Only enter the numeric value do not use $ or £ characters.
1.4To limit the user to the Timesheet only, Assign the Role "Timesheet_Only" With no additional permissions. The User Default form will need to be set to "frm_Timesheet"
1.2To assign Permission for users to use the Timesheet module add the role to the Contact "Timesheet" and assign the Permission "Timesheet Hours" or "Timesheet Days".
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