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  Assigning Roles to Contacts, Companies, Operations or Projects
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1Roles Overview
1.1Roles perform a number of functions within ATLAS, and can be used to track the class and scope as well as turn on and off user permissions
1.2To See How the roles affect user permissions, see the related article
2Assigning Roles to Objects
2.1We will describe assigning a role to a contact, but the procedure is the same for Companies, Projects and Operations.
2.2Load the Main Contact from and locate the Contact. This can be done easily using the quick Filters from the main switchboard
2.3Click on the Roles Tab to view or edit the Roles
3.Creating a New Role
3.1Firstly Ensure The Role Does Not Exist
3.2In the Empty Bottom line, select the Role From the List of Roles Available
3.3Enter Additional Information as Required. The Role Will Automatically be added
4.Managing Roles
4.1Assign or Edit the Roles and Permissions as instructed or required. Many Roles are associated with permissions, select from the drop down list or add new Permissions as required
4.2If Document are required for this role, select 6the document Required Operation, and define the requested date and received date plus the document start and finish dates if applicable.
4.3Document Links - The Documents can be linked or uploaded into the system if required.
5.Withdrawing Roles
5.1To Withdraw the Role, Click on the Wdn tick box
6.Example - Assigning Driving Licence Roles including Van Allocation
6.1Filter on the Company or Contact requiring a Role
6.2From the Roles Tab, Select "Driving Licence" as the Main Role
6.3Enter the Driving Licence Type As the Permission
6.4Type "Van Allocated" into the Role DetailImage Missing
6.5If evidence if required, tick the Docs Rqd Tick box and to monitor the Requested and Received Dates.
6.6To Remove the Driving licence Role Withdraw the Role Using the Tick box on the Right hand side. To remove the van allocation, remove the text entered in 3.3 above.
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