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  Expense Details Including PO Lines, Timesheets and Expenses
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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Recharge BillingRecharge Single Billing Recharge
ExIDExIDUnique ID of the Expense Line 
Created ByCreated ByThe User/Operative who created the record 
Created DateCreated DateRecord created date 
Line DateEx DateExpense Date (Tax Date / Created Date) 
PO NumberPO NoThe P0 Number Relating to the Expense (Type 12 = Expense-No PO Needed) 
OperationOperationOperation ID / [CLIENT] Ref Number Relating to the Expense - Mandatory 
ItemItemItem (PO Line / Expense Item) 
Expense_NameNameExpense Line Details 
DescriptionDescriptionExpense Description 
PO_Line_Unit_Price:Unit £The Unit Price of The Item 
QtyQtyQty of the expense - Unit x Qty = Total 
Recharge £Recharge £Total Recharged Amount (Calculated)Multiple Recharge Value
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Article Type: ATLAS Application Manual  - ATLAS database support manual - based around individual forms (Help Reference Pages)
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Written by: Jonathan  Spratt (ES) , Estate Systems
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