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  Generic Audit Data for Quality, SHEQ, Internal and External Audits
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AuIDAudit_ID:The Internal ATLAS Audit ID 
Created Date Record created date 
Created By The User/Operative who created the record 
Audit OfficeOffice:The Address or Office related to the Audit 
ProjectProjectThe Project Relating to the Audit 
TypeTypeThe Audit Type, Internal / External 
CategoryCategoryThe Audit Category 
Audit NameAudit NameThe Name or the Audit 
Audit FolderFolder Link:Audit folder containing related documents 
DescriptionAudit Scope:The Description of the Audit 
Auditor CompanyAuditor CompanyThe Company carrying out the Audit 
Auditor PersonAuditor PersonThe Operative or Person carrying out the Audit 
Auditee CompanyAuditee CompanyThe Company being Audited 
Auditee PersonAuditee PersonThe Operative or Person being Audited 
Audit Date[F]Audit Date[F]The Forecast Date for the Audit 
Audit DateAudit DateThe Actual Date of the Audit 
Advised DateAdvised DateThe Date the Auditee was advised of the Audit 
Audit StatusAudit StatusThe Status of the Audit 
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