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  Acquisition Overview including Survey, Design, Planning, Legal Negotiations and Site Access
CaptionTop LabelControlTipNotes
Survey DateSurvey DateKick of Visit / Initial Survey Date Actual 
SurveyorSurveyorKick of Visit / Initial Survey Received By Dropdown 
Survey SentSurvey SentKick of Visit / Initial Survey Sent to Client Date Actual 
Survey Apvd Kick of Visit / Initial Survey Approved By Client 
Inst DateAcq InstAcquisition Process Instructed Date 
Nomin RcvdNomin:Nominated Option Received From Client Actual 
HOTs Agd by ClientHOTS Client AgreedHeads of Terms (HOTS) Agreed by Client Date Actual 
Acq StatusAcq StatusThe Status of The Acquisition / Estates Element Dropdown 
MSV Date[F]MSV Date[F]Initial Site Visit, Multi Skilled Visit Date Forecast 
MSV DateMSV DateInitial Site Visit, Multi Skilled Visit Date Actual 
Stat Search RqdStat Srch RqdStat Searches Required Checkbox 
Gen Consult DateGen ConsultGeneral LPA Consultation Date 
Pln Specific Consult DateSpec ConsultSpecific LPA Consultation Date 
Pln In Fcast Planning Submission Date Forecast 
Pln Sent DatePlan In ActualPlanning Submission Date Actual 
Pln Rcvd Date FcastPlan Out ActualPlanning Submission determination by LPA Date Forecast 
Pln Rcvd Date Planning Submission determination by LPA Date Actual 
Pln OutcomePlan OutcomePlanning Submission determination Dropdown 
Appeal Sent Planning Appeal Submitted Date Actual 
Appeal RcvdAppeal OutPlanning Appeal Completed Date Forecast 
Appeal OutcomeAppeall OutcomePlanning Appeal Outcome 
Access Date[F] Acquisition Access Date Forecast 
Access DateAccessAcquisition Access Date 
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Written by: Jonathan  Spratt (ES) , Estate Systems
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