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  Profit and Loss Variations and Options
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1Profit and Loss Summary
1.1ATLAS Provides a Range of Profit & loss report. These reports can be generated in real time based on WIP figures before they are passed to 3rd party software such as Sage or QuickBooks.
1.2Revenue: Within the "revenue and gains" category, the first figure needed to complete a profit and loss statement is the amount of revenue the company generated during the time period in question. For a retailer or manufacturer, for example, primary revenues may be the income generated from sales of the product or service. The revenue figure is a raw number, meaning it reflects total sales without regard to any expenses incurred as part of the sale. Secondary revenues may also apply in the event the business earned income by interest on cash in the bank or in rents. Secondary revenue includes income earned from activities apart from selling services or merchandise.
1.3Expenses: Expenses are part of the second category, "expenses and losses," on a profit-and-loss statement. Expenses include anything involved in the cost of selling the service or product. Within the expense category, you will typically find the cost of goods sold, supplies and equipment, wages and commissions and other direct costs of selling the product or service. Common expenses that fall within these subcategories include office supplies, office or equipment rental payments, goods purchased to produce the product, along with employee salaries or wages.
2Types of Profit and Loss Report
2.1Site Profit and Loss
2.2Profit and Loss By Revenue Date
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