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  Key Benefits and Example Case Study
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1 Key Benefits
1.1 Real time overview of current WIP and Order book over numerous projects and income streams
1.2 Reduced costs for administration and accounts by decreasing worker duplication and standardising operations
1.3 Seamless system development for new lines of work, or process and contract amendments
1.4 Improved efficiency and quality through shared data communication to establish best practice
1.5 Improved security and remote access via terminal services where available
1.6 Shared document control for improved communication
1.7 Quality Control with total ISO9001:2008 conformance, adaptable for ISO14001:2008 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007
1.8 Contract Control including billing definitions and billing milestones
2 Implementation and Training
2.1 Existing Project user data migration if required and where available
2.2 Phased and managed Module implementation with training
10. Case Study 1 - Accounts Department
Background 5 Staff processing 1.2 million turnover
Solution ATLAS installed across multiple projects, staff enabled to improve possible cost capture
Results 5 Staff processing 9.4 million turnover
11. Case Study 2 - 7,300 Site Lease reviews
Background Originally conducted from spreadsheets which kept losing data
Solution Sites imported into ATLAS, each surveyor was given their own login and billed for their own work.
Results All Users accessed and updated there own work, invoicing all completed on time, and Invoiced as they were uploaded to the client
12. Case Study 3 - Large ADC Rollout Project
Background Large ADC Project with over 1000 sites required multiple spreadsheets to Manage Acquisition, Design, Construction and Costs
Solution All Data Imported and managed through existing reports in ATLAS with 2 Client Facing new Bespoke Reports
Result Project efficiently controlled and monitored with a successful rollout
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