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  Bespoke operational milestones
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1.ATLAS Milestones
1.2Milestones provide the functionality for users to develop small work stream project milestones within a project. Milestones are defined and the Project level, and then used on an operational level.
1.3These can be used to report on a number of small end to end processes such as site visits and small construction works with no more than 10 stages. They are especially useful when a multiple event applies to a single Operation.
1.4Billing definitions can be grouped around these to ring fence billing if required.
2.Examples of Milestones
2.1Additional Site Visits, especially where multiple visits are required
2.2Small Construction Works (Single Day Visit)
2.3Deliveries and collections
2.4Planning, Detailed, or As Built Design Drawing (where the Design module is not installed or utilised).
3.1Milestones are not suitable where more than 10 dates are required against a work package.
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