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  Internal Extranet for Staff
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
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1.Intranet Definition and Scope
1.1Out Intranets can publish web pages about company events, health and safety policies, and staff newsletters to help eliminate paperwork and speed up workflows.
1.2Additional features can be added to become essential to the operation of an organisation. It becomes a portal that provides access to all the things workers need.
1.3Any intranet will be protected from the global internet by firewalls, although contractors and staff working outside the organisation may be able to access the intranet by using a VPN (virtual private network). This ensures all communications between the intranet and the user’s personal computer are encrypted.
2.Popular Uses
2.1Internal links - server applications and documents, pages and forms
2.2External web pages, Business Homepages, key reference documents and subcontractor support tickets
2.3Recent list of quality documents issued
2.4Health and Safety Alerts
2.5Recent Company and Industry News including job vacancies
2.6Contact Information for Key Staff members
2.7Links to SSRS reports and tables
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