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  Adding a New Contact
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
1.1To add Contacts (People) in ATLAS.
2.Open The New Contact Form
2.1Before a new Contact is inserted, it is important to ensure they do not already exist in ATLAS. Use the Quick filters to ensure they do not exist.
2.2Click on the [Create Records] tab from the main Switchboard, then Click on the [Insert Contact] Link or..
2.3Click on the [+] Button on the Switchboard Quick Filter Tab
3.Insert Contact Form
3.1Enter The Contact First (Given) Name and Last (Family) Name
3.2Enter The Primary Role of The Contact from the Role List, this is the principle reason they are being added to ATLAS. Examples Would Be "Client", "IT Support" or "Client Project Manager"
3.3Additional Roles Can be added after the Contact has been created
3.4Enter The Company Relating to this Contact, and how they relate to this company. Normally the Company would be the contacts principle Employer and the Role Would Be Employee
3.5To Insert the Contact Click the [Insert Contact] Button. You Will be transferred to the Main Contact Form for the inserted Record.
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