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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
CaptionTop LabelControlTipNotes
RjIDRjIDResource Object - Master is Held With T015 
Rj NameNameSystem Name of the Object 
ShortNameShort NameField Label or Caption Short name (Alternative to Caption or Label) ASPX Menu Name 
Request (APSX)Request(ASPX)Request (ASPX) Short Name ?OpID=ZZ /ErID=44 RO Ref 
Caption(Label)Text/Form LabelText Label and Report Header (frm_) AND ASPX Page Name 
ControlTipControlTipUse for Fields, Not Forms or ASPX Pages 
SessionNameSessionNameThe session Name as Used in ASPX 
ApplicationNameApplicationNameThe Application Name as Used in ASPX 
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NameEstate Systems Ltd
Phone07773 372024
Article Type: ATLAS Field Details  - Available Fields List with descriptions grouped by system modules
ID-20337 , Revised 14/01/2016 02:55:00 PM , Revision  3
Written by: Jonathan  Spratt (ES) , Estate Systems
Article Limited to: Estate Systems - Databases, Websites and Quality inc UKDS