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  Installing ATLAS Manually onto a Windows PC
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1.1To Install ATLAS Manually onto a Windows PC. To Create a New User - See the related Article
2.1Install Access Runtime which can be downloaded from the following link. ATLAS can run under Any Version of Access 2007, but it is configured to run with Access runtime which is independent of Microsoft Office
2.2Create the folder C:\ATLAS
2.3Copy the following files into the folder. These files should be located on the client server.
2.3.1C:\ATLAS\ATLAS UPDATE.lnk * - Shortcut to c:\ATLAS\ATLAS_Update.vbs
2.3.2C:\ATLAS\ATLAS.accdr - ATLAS Application (should be the latest version)
2.3.3C:\ATLAS\ATLAS.lnk * - Shortcut to c:\ATLAS\ATLAS.accdr
2.3.4C:\ATLAS\ATLAS_ICON.ico - Client Icon
2.3.5C:\ATLAS\ATLAS_Logo.jpg - Logo imbedded into ATLAS
2.3.6C:\ATLAS\ATLAS_Update.vbs - A script that downloads the latest Version of ATLAS
2.3.7* These links will be copied to the Desktop
2.4Ensure you are connected to the internet and Open the ATLAS_Update.vbs file
2.5Click Yes to Update ATLAS to the latest Version
2.6WAIT until you receive the following message, this will take between 10 seconds and 5 minutes.
2.7Ensure you are connected to the Client VPN if required
2.8Open the Desktop and double click the ATLAS Icon
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