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  Free Issue Call Off and Stock Receipt
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InformationInformationInformation / Instructions on how to perform the required tasks
1.Free Issue Overview
1.1Free issue Call offs sit alongside the purchase orders, but are handled differently in the following ways
1.1.1They have 0 expense
1.1.2They Do not require authorisation
1.1.3They Have their own register
2.Calling off Free Issue Stock
2.1Open the Free Issue Form List from the Stock Tab on the Main Switchboard
2.2Create a New Record and Enter the Required Fields
2.3Enter the Stock items required
3.Adding in Items From an existing Picklist
3.1Select the Picklist from the drop down
3.2Select the Scope of Import (Free issue Only) or all items
3.3Click on the Add Item Buttons
4.Receiving Free Issue Stock
4.1If the Free issue Stock related to an existing call off, locate the Corresponding Call off from the Free issue List
4.2If the Stock has not been called off, create a new Free issue Call Off, and enter the Items on the call off sheet
4.3Click the Button to Receive all Items on the Call off sheet to the default stock locations
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frm_FIAdp Form Single Free Issue Call Off and Receipt
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Article Type: ATLAS Application Manual  - ATLAS database support manual - based around individual forms (Help Reference Pages)
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