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Acquisition And Planning OverviewAcquisition & Planning including Panoramics, Line of Sight and Dish Links221/10/20140
Creating Bulk Operation (Multiple Operations)Adding Bulk Operations (Multiple Operations)107/12/20150
General Notes and MemosGeneral Notes and Memo Subform102/02/20162
Operation FormMain Site Operations Form Overview1 26/01/20091
Creating a New OperationAdding a New Operations1 05/02/20094
Deleting Operation RecordsDeleting Operational site records and related records1 03/06/20091
Operation Rigging FieldsRigging Fields122/03/20140
DNO / REC ManagementDNS/ REC (Regional Electrical Companies) In line Operation Fields224/01/20160
Acquisition Heads of Terms (HOTS)Heads of Terms (HOTS) and Negotiations122/03/20140
Acquisition Survey and Negotiation (Excl Planning)Acquisition Overview including Survey, Design, Planning, Legal Negotiations and Site Access122/03/20140
Acquisition Planning (Excl Survey and Negotiation)Acquisition Town & County Planning Application including LPA Consultation & Appeal218/01/20160