ATLAS Pricing Guidelines

ATLAS installations typically fall within the rates below.  We recommend you use this only as a guide as rates vary depending on the scope of installation and the modules  required.
After an initial consultation to establish your requirements, we will supply a detailed quotation. Cost benefit analysis case studies are available on request.
Description Single Cost Monthly Annually Hourly
ATLAS Installation *
 - Existing IT Network Evaluation
 - On site Installation and load testing
 - 4 Days on site training / support
 - 15 hours of existing data migration
£2,500.00 -
ATLAS Software Licence   £99.00 £1,188.00  
User License 1-20 Users (per user)   £8.25 £99.00  
User License 21-50 Users (per user)   £5.50 £66.00  
User License 50+ Users (per user)   £4.50 £54.00  
Bespoke Development       £79.00
Contracted Support (minimum 1/4 Hour)       £68.00
Daily Rate       £544.00
SQL Server 2014 Express + £0.00      
Optional / Additional Single Cost Monthly Annually Hourly
Remote Data SQL Data Hosting   £75.00 £900.00  
Additional Existing Data Migration       £42.50
Travel / Subsistence At cost      

  • * Subject to travel and subsitance costs, required modules  and existing IT infrastructure
  • + Database size limits apply - 1GM RAM, 10GB database
  • All prices are subject to VAT and annual rpi/cpi review